How To Use AVERAGEIF Function


The Excel AVERAGEIF function calculate the average number in a range that fits the given criteria.


Returns the average (arithmetic mean) of all cells within the same set that follow the given criteria.


= AVERAGEIF (range, criteria, [average_range])

Example Explanation

In the above mentioned example we have calculated the average of sales values where it is greater than $100. Formula used in G6 is:


Range – To average one or more cells, including numbers, arrays, or references containing numbers.
Criteria – [Required] – The parameters that determine which cells are combined are in 
the form of a number, expression, cell relation or text. For our example criteria was sales values > $100.
Average_range [Optional] – The actual range of average of cells. Scope is used when omitted.

Key Notes

You may use wildcard symbols, question mark? and asterisk (*) as parameters. A question mark matches every single character and an asterisk matches any series of characters. If you want to see the exact question mark or asterisk, type a tilde (~) in front of the character.
If the requirements cell is zero, AVERAGEIF should treat it as a value of 0.
If the average range cell is an empty cell, AVERAGEIF ignores it.

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