Learn How to Effectively Use the Excel UNIQUE Function


The UNIQUE function in Excel is a powerful tool that enables you to extract distinct or unique values from a given list or range. Whether you’re dealing with text, numbers, dates, or times, this function comes to the rescue by quickly identifying and returning only the unique values contained within the specified array.


The primary purpose of the UNIQUE function is to streamline data analysis and enhance efficiency. By removing redundant entries, you can gain clearer insights, create meaningful reports, and perform accurate calculations based on unique data elements. This function is particularly valuable when working with large datasets or managing databases, saving you valuable time and effort.


= UNIQUE (array)

To utilize the UNIQUE function effectively, simply input the following syntax: =UNIQUE(array). The “array” refers to the range or list from which you want to extract unique values. Once executed, the function will generate a new array or column with only the distinct values from the original range, eliminating any duplicates.


Array – Range or array from which we have to extract unique values.


Let’s take a closer look at an example to understand how the UNIQUE function can be applied. Consider the worksheet displayed below, where we want to extract the unique values from the given range B7:B14. To achieve this, you can utilize the following formula:

By inputting this formula, Excel will generate a new array or column with only the distinct values from the specified range. This means that any duplicates will be automatically removed, leaving you with a clean list of unique values.

By analyzing practical examples like this, you can gain a deeper understanding of how to implement the UNIQUE function effectively in your own Excel worksheets. It serves as a valuable tool for data analysis, filtering, and reporting, enabling you to work with accurate and concise datasets.

Experimenting with different ranges and arrays within your worksheets will allow you to grasp the full range of possibilities offered by the UNIQUE function. Embrace the opportunity to harness the power of Excel and uncover unique insights from your data effortlessly.


This formula is one of the newest Dynamic Array functions to be released with Excel 2019, Office 365 and Excel Online.

Learning how to use the Excel UNIQUE function opens up a world of possibilities for data manipulation and analysis. Whether you’re a student, professional, or data enthusiast, mastering this function will greatly enhance your spreadsheet skills and improve your ability to handle complex datasets.

So, dive into the world of Excel and elevate your data management game by mastering the UNIQUE function. Unleash the true potential of your data and experience the power of extracting unique values effortlessly.

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