How to Use IFERROR Function in Excel


The Excel IFERROR function return custom value when formula returns an error. IFERROR is an elegant way to manage errors without using more complicated nested IF statements.


Return custom value when formula return an ERROR


= IFERROR ( value, value_if_error )


value: Formula to check for error
value_if_error: The value to return if an error is found
IFERROR Function in Excel

Example Explanation

In above mentioned example, we have simply divided value 1 / Value 2. In cell E7, Value 1 is having 0. Ideally it should show as error but since we have used IFERROR formula, hence it is showing as final result as 0%. Formula used in E7 is:

Example 2

You can also use IFERROR function with VLOOKUP to catch #N/A error. Formula can be use as:
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