Learn How to Use STOCKHISTORY in Excel


Microsoft Excel introduced new function in Excel which is known as STOCKHISTORY. This function helps to get the history of a financial instrument or stocks over time is crucial information you need.


To get the history of a financial instruments or stocks


= STOCKHISTORY(stock, start_date, [end_date], [interval], [headers], [properties1], [properties2], …)
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stock: The identifier for the financial instrument targeted or stock for which information needed
start_date: The earliest date for which you want information.
end_date (optional): The latest date for which you want information.
interval (optional): Daily (0), Weekly (1), or Monthly (2) interval options for data
headers (optional): Specifies if additional header rows are returned with the array.
properties1 – properties5 (optional): Specifies which information should be included in the result, Date (0), Close (1), Open (2), High (3), Low (4), Volume (5).

Example Explanation

In the above mentioned example, we have pulled the history of stock “Microsoft”.


STOCKHISTORY is currently available to 50% of Microsoft 365 Subscribers in the Beta level of the Office Insider program. This function will only be available to Microsoft 365 customers who are signed in. It will be available to users of other channels later this year.
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