How To Use XLOOKUP With Multiple Criteria


XLOOKUP helps to find the value in a range with multiple criteria


= XLOOKUP (lookup_value1 & lookup_value2 & lookup_value3, lookup_range1 &lookup_range2 &lookup_range3, results )

xlookup with multiple criteria

Example Explanation

For a instance, we have to find the price of product which is meeting our criteria. There are three criteria mentioned in example (cell H5, H6, and H7). We need the result based on these criteria. Formula is used i H8 is:


One of the best advantage of XLOOKUP over VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP is that XLOOKUP can work directly with arrays, instead of using ranges on a worksheet.

Using Boolean Logic

You can use boolean logic also to find the results based on the multiple criteria. The formula will look like:

xlookup with multiple criteria

If you want to learn about basic XLOOKUP function, please click here

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